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I grew up in Downeast Maine but have recently relocated to the North Woods. I live in Clayton Lake where I am a stay at home Mom to two beautifully wild little boys and wife to a Maine State Game Warden. I am a lover of the simple things in life...a good book, a song, a rainy day, a bowl of white popcorn, etc. I have a slight obsession with all things food. Love cooking it, eating it, looking at it, smelling it, reading about it, etc. I am a firm believer that life is what you make it.

Woods Life Cravings

  Hello, all! I apologize for my absence over the last several months. I’ve been selfish with my time and have spent little to none writing. I appreciate all the emails from those of you who have checked in. We are still alive and well! After sharing our first year in detail, I’ve struggled with […]

Fall, you came and left too quickly

Friends it’s been too long. I apologize. Somehow it seems life in the woods has been busier than ever. My littlest celebrated his second birthday earlier this month and with a 4 year old and a 2 year old…the house is getting more wild every day. There’s not much for idle time. Our fall came […]

Wide Open Spaces

Do the laundry. Make breakfast. Make lunch. Make dinner. Clean the bathroom. Clean the stove. Start the bread. Sweep. Vacuum….and a hundred other things.         Life as a stay at home mom can be a little monotonous at times and it’s easy to lose a little of myself in every day demands. […]